Saint Joseph High School Graduation Requirements

All Saint Joseph High School students study four years of laboratory science and four years of math and have hands-on access to the latest technology tools.  All students receive faculty support (student to teacher ratio: 1:12).  SJHS is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.


4 Credits


4 Credits

Social Studies

4 Credits


4 Credits

Foreign Language

3 Credits
(4th year strongly encouraged)

Approved Electives

4 Credits

Physical Education

1 Credit

All SJHS students choose electives including Accounting & Personal Finance, Art, Psychology, Programming, Robotics/Engineering, Science Research, Statistics and Website Design.  View our School Profile.

Core Curriculum

Saint Joseph High School offers a challenging and engaging college preparatory curriculum, including four years of math and laboratory science, a wide range of elective options, and the opportunity to choose from 21 college courses to earn college in high school credits.  Students learn to value academic challenges and develop study habits that will help in college.

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Content Area SJHS Course
ReligionChrist: The Eternal Word; Christ: Who is Jesus?
EnglishEnglish Language Literature 9
HistoryCivilization I
MathematicsAlgebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2
ScienceConceptual Physics
Foreign LanguageFrench 1, Latin 1, Spanish 1
Physical Education
Freshmen Orientation


Content Area SJHS Course
ReligionThe Paschal Mystery; The Church
EnglishAmerican Literature
HistoryFoundations of the Republic*
MathematicsGeometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus
Foreign LanguageFrench 2, Latin 2, Spanish 2
Physical Education


Content Area SJHS Course
ReligionSacraments; Life in Christ
EnglishTopics in Literature
HistoryModern American History, Emergence of Mass Democracy*
MathematicsAlgebra II, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry Functions, College Algebra, Business Calculus*, or Engineering Calculus*
Foreign LanguageFrench 3, Latin 3, Spanish 3
Physical Education


Content Area SJHS Course
ReligionSacraments- Discerning Vocation; Catholic Social Justice
EnglishDiversity and Literature*
HistoryAmerican Government and Politics
MathematicsPre-calculus, Trigonometry Functions, College Algebra*, Business Calculus*, Engineering Calculus*, or Calculus II
SciencePhysics 2, Materials Science, Biology 2, College Physics*
Foreign LanguageIntroduction to French, French 4, Latin 4, Spanish 4
Physical Education


Art History* (12), Ceramics/Sculpture (10/11/12), Child Development* (11/12), Drawing and Painting (9/10/11), Engineering/Robotics I & II, Fundamentals of Journalism (10/11/12), Global Issues (9/10/11/12), Introduction to Art, Introduction to Psychology* (11/12), Python (9/10/11/12), Science Research (9/10/11/12), Statistics* (10/11/12)

* denotes College in High School course

Academic Support

At Saint Joseph High School, we believe in supporting all students through inclusive education in the classroom. The goal of the Academic Support team is to provide a well-rounded education that encompasses not only academic excellence but also spiritual growth. Our team is dedicated to helping students thrive academically and achieve their full potential while upholding the principles and values of our Catholic faith.  LEARN MORE.

SJHS College in High School Program

Saint Joseph High School offers students 61 college credits from Carlow University, Duquesne University, La Roche College, Saint Vincent College, Seton Hill, and the University of Pittsburgh.  The average student will earn 22 credits upon graduation.   Some SJHS students begin college as a second semester freshman or first semester sophomore.   This translates into one or two semesters of college tuition at a fraction of the cost. This program gives students greater control over their college experience. Some choose to graduate early, while others study abroad, double major, or explore academic interests outside of their major.

CIHS Credits Offered
Average Earned Credits By Graduation
American Government & Politics
Art: College Drawing
Art History: Renaissance to Modern Art
Business Calculus
Engineering Calculus
Catholic Social Justice
College Algebra
College Chemistry
College Physics
Diversity in Literature
Emergence of Mass Democracy
English Language Literature
Foundations of the Republic
Introduction to Programming
Latin 4
Music Appreciation
Spanish 4
Topics in Literature