On this page you will find essential information that doesn’t change from year to year such as school code for SAT/ACT, course index, etc. and News or updates.

Class of 2019 and Parents:  Use the link to “sign-up genius” to sign up for Junior and parent meetings to discuss future plans.  LINK



All requests for transcripts and letters of recommendations must be given to Mrs. Harmon on Friday, November 17, 2017 ONLY IF you have a deadline prior to December 1.  You can still apply after that time, but for the 12/1 deadline, notice must be given by FRIDAY NOVEMBER 17TH.


Saint Joseph School Code for SAT/ACT:  392855


Deadlines are one week before the scheduled date in order to process through any transcripts, report cards or recommendation letters!! It is always better to send your application early; there are things you can’t control like weather, illness, etc!!  Please remember this as you complete any scholarships, etc this semester!!
**AND, OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS must be mailed directly from the school to whomever is requesting!!  YOU will not be given an OFFICIAL copy when requesting one for yourself.


SJHS Alumni Requesting High School Transcripts:

Alumni Request Form



Khan Academy

Able to link to all PSAT testers in order to use that test to practice skills.  Recommended that EVERY student take advantage of this.