Introduction au français

August 26, 2021

Bonjour ! Bienvenue en classe d’introduction au français !

What is French?

French is a Romance language spoken by 220 million speakers all over the world. Being a Romance language means it’s a language that evolved from Latin, and it has a few cousins in Europe. French shares similar grammar and vocabulary with other Romance languages such as Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian. So if you speak one of those languages, you may find some aspects of French familiar.

As a speaker of English, you also have a step up. During the Middle Ages, French was spoken by English nobility, and nowadays, quite a few English words have origins in French words.

Also, learning French is extremely useful for educational and professional settings. So there are thousands—nay, perhaps millions of resources for learning, and your options are unlimited!


August 27, 2021

Main information about France

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