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JV #3

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With many years experience as a Catholic school educator, I remain committed to the religious mission of SJHS, to the privilege of teaching, and to the growth of my students. In my Literature and Writing classes, I believe in engaging students with “minds-on” activities that will broaden their perceptions and instill enthusiasm for learning. My passion for teaching has given me the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for creativity. I believe the world needs more compassionate creativity to solve difficult problems confronting us. Creative people do not have answers, but they habitually question the status quo and think about alternatives and improvements. They habitually ask better questions. It follows that my class mantra is: "Don't just answer the question, but question the answer”.

I earned my B.A. from LaRoche College, my Master's Degree from Duquesne University, and continued my studies in the leadership program at Carlow University. I have served as teacher and administrator in Catholic elementary and high schools in the Pittsburgh Diocese since 1968. In 2012 I was awarded the Diocesan Golden Apple Award. I joined SJHS in 1997 as assistant principal but have returned to the classroom for my true vocation.

Please reach out to me absolutely any time you have questions, concerns, or observations.