Class Agreement
The following is meant to provide students with a list of guidelines they are expected to follow in my classes. They are meant to help develop a positive learning environment and avoid confusion as to what is expected. If at any time, you have questions or concerns, please let me know.

This document is subject to revisions as we move through our first year with hybrid teaching and meeting the challenges of the COVID pandemic.

Supplies: iPad, pencil with eraser, notebook, a set of colored pencils, scissors, glue stick and earbuds. In addition, students need to “bring” completed homework assignments.

iPads are valuable tools in the classroom. However, they can also provide distractions during class. Using the iPad inappropriately during class will result in a loss of the privilege to use electronic devices (computers and iPads) for at least one week.

Assignments are posted in Google Classroom. Students are responsible for the timely completion of all assignments, tests, quizzes, labs and projects. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure all work is current. Late assignments will not be accepted. A zero will be assigned to all missing work. The lowest grade in each category will be dropped. Please submit assignments in the format requested.  Regular study times are part of the requirement for the class. It is expected that students study Biology several times a week. Effective study habits will be discussed in class.

Reading assignments
Completion of reading assignments is crucial for understanding classroom activity. It is expected that students come to class with questions and comments about the readings.

Labs                                                                                                                                                    Labs  and activities are an integral part of the total learning experience in science.  Students are to be prepared for each lab and activity. The best way to prepare for a lab or activity is to read the lab before class and come prepared to ask questions.

Please note that labs and activities will be adapted to follow guidelines that are a result of the pandemic.

We start each year with a lab safety unit. It is expected that all lab safety rules will be followed without exception. Failure to follow safety rules can result in any of number of consequences from written assignments to temporary removal from the laboratory.

All students are expected to work to maintain a clean and neat environment. Failure to be neat and clean and to demonstrate a responsible attitude towards items in the lab may result in removal from the lab until the problem is corrected.

Lab reports
A lab report or lab sheet will be completed for most labs. Lab reports must be completed in the assigned format. Students should check the assignment listings to determine if the work is to be handed in or kept by the student to be used during an activity or discussion. Due dates for assignments  can be found in Google Classroom. A zero will be assigned for assignments not turned in on the due date. A note of caution when preparing lab reports/sheets: It is important that lab partners collaborate with each other (while socially distant). It is equally important that each student independently compose a report. This will be discussed in great detail in class.

Help and extra lab time: Students are encouraged to ask questions! Asking questions is an essential part of learning. Keep asking until you understand.

Students are encouraged to e-mail questions, concerns and comments to me ( If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, it is safe to assume that I did not receive your communication.

Absences                                                                                                                                    Students are responsible for any work missed due to absence from class no matter what the reason for the absence. Students are expected to return to school with completed assignments unless the assignment requires items the student does not have (worksheets, labs, etc). Arrangements to make up these assignments must be made the day the student returns to school. These arrangements can also be made by way of an email. Assignment listings can be found in Google Classroom.

If a student is absent the day before a test or quiz, he/she is still expected to take the test or quiz on the scheduled day. If a student is absent the day of the test or quiz, he/she must make up the quiz or test during a scheduled make-up time. Arrangements to make up the test or quiz must be made the day the student returns to school. These arrangements can also be made by way of an email.