Science Competitions

Science Research Schedule 2019-2020

November 22 (8 AM)  PJAS – Deadline to register online and give Mrs. G                                                           paper copies of your paperwork and                                                                       signature page

November 26                 PRSEF – You must register and complete all                                                                         paperwork (online) by this date

December 18                 Experiments need to be completed by 3 PM today

January 30, 2020         PJAS – Last day to upload presentation

February 1, 2020          PJAS Regional Meeting at Duquesne University                                                 (required)

February 28                   Symposium paper (final draft) to Mrs. Greco

March 6                          Symposium online application deadline

March 10                         PRSEF papers and posters are due (Poster                                                             components do not need to be attached to the                                                      trifold at this point)

March 25                        PRSEF (required)

March 26                        PRSEF Awards (required) (Symposium                                                                  participants are excused)

April 30                          Celebrate SJHS (required)

May 17-19                       PJAS States