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CHS Spanish IV

October 31, 2019

Remember:  Use the Daily Lessons paper/syllabus to know what to prepare for each day!

Intermediate College Spanish 1                       SPAN 0003                              

Offered as a Pitt Course in the High School                    3 College Credits  

Description: This course is Intermediate College Spanish 1. High School students will take this course as their standard fourth-year Spanish course.

Prerequisite: The school will determine who is eligible to take this advanced course.

Grading: The grade is determined by the student’s performance on homework, participation and classwork, oral exams, compositions, and written exams.

Textbook: The required test and materials for this course are (a) Blanco, J. Enfoques: Curso intermedio de lengua española. 4th ed. Boston: Vista Higher Learning, 2016.  And (b) Enfoques Workbook and Lab manual (printed or online version)

Course Description and Goals

 Spanish 0003, Intermediate Spanish, is the third semester of the Spanish Language Program in the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literatures. This course builds on and expands the language skills acquired in the first two semesters of Spanish or Spanish 15. It is designed to develop communicative proficiency. It combines content-based language instruction with an interactive task-based approach and focuses in all relevant language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Culture is integrated in all aspects of the program. Each chapter will focus around a topic, and vocabulary, grammar and culture presentation and practice will be linked to the theme chapter.

Because you might have limited opportunities to speak or hear Spanish, classroom time is devoted to developing your competence in these two areas. Therefore, your instructor will speak only in Spanish to you during the class, and you will be expected to do the same with your instructor and classmates. Strategies for listening comprehension and developing speaking skills will be taught in class.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Students who will enter Spanish 0003 will be able to sustain concrete exchanges on predictable topics necessary for surviving in the target culture. In addition, they will be able to express personal meaning and discuss information related to self and family, daily activity, and immediate needs, but also personal preferences. During the course of the semester, they will improve the four skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) through reading activities, compositions assignments, and short films. Students will expand their knowledge of cultures of the Spanish-speaking world and its people.
  2. By the end of the semester, students in Spanish 0003 will be able to handle a substantial number of communicative tasks most of the time. They will develop the ability to narrate and describe in all major frames using connecting discourse of paragraph length. They will have learned to sustain successfully social interactions requiring a basic exchange of information related to their work, school, recreation, particular interests and areas of competence.

Your role: Much of the responsibility for learning a language falls on you, the student. To derive the utmost benefit from this class, daily attendance is essential. We invite you to take advantage of the possibility of practicing the language in class. Attendance to each session is required. You are expected to come to class well prepared and ready to participate. This means to study before each class and to hand in on time any assignment that your instructor might require you to complete.

***This course is taught entirely in Spanish ***

Assessment Components: Testing procedures will be representative of the type of instruction, content and practice offered in this course. The assessment components for this course are:

Participation and classwork                10%

Homework                                                  15%

Speaking Tests (2)                                   10%

Compositions (4)                                     15%

Chapter Exams (4)                                  25%

Quizzes                                                        10%

Final Exam                                                 15%


Participation and classwork (10%): This course requires active classroom participation as well as out-of-class preparation. Your instructor will keep track of your participation and assign a grade three (3) times during the course. You will be informed on how to improve your participation and of your progress.

Homework (10%): Throughout the course, there will be daily homework assigned by your instructor. Homework is a great opportunity to prepare for class and to reinforce the learning of the content studied in class. It also helps you to monitor your own progress in learning Spanish. There will be a total of six (6) homework grades, one for each chapter.

Speaking Tests (10%): There will be two speaking tests during the semester with your instructor.

Compositions (20%): You will write four (4) compositions of 125-150 words each. For each of those compositions you will write two drafts. In the first draft, your instructor will make comments and suggestions to improve the content, language and organization of your composition. The second draft focuses on the process of rewriting and correcting the previous draft by following the feedback provided by your instructor in the first draft. The topic of each composition will reflect the topics, the vocabulary and the grammar covered in this class until the day of the composition. Your instructor will provide you with the topics.

Chapter Exams (20%): There will be four chapter tests during the course of this semester. Each exam will cover material from the textbook, the homework, class activities and discussions. Each exam will also include a reading portion, a listening portion, and a written composition of 125-150 words.

Midterm (10%) and Final exam (20%): The midterm and final exam are cumulative. These exams will cover material from the textbook, the homework, and class activities and discussions and they will also include a reading portion, a listening portion, and a written composition of 125-150 words.

Grading scale:

A+ 98%                     B+ 87%                                   C+ 77%                       D+  67%

A   93%                     B   83%                                    C   73%                        D    63%

A-  90%                     B- 80%                                    C- 70%                        D-   60%

***Attention: Pre-requisite to register in Spanish 0004: High school placement evaluation, or a grade of "C" or better in Spanish 0003***

Academic Integrity Policy on Cheating and Plagiarism: Cheating/plagiarism will not be tolerated. They are a serious ethical matter and an infraction of University Policy. Student should familiarize themselves with the University Policy on Academic Integrity (available at

Examples of plagiarism include, but are not limited to:

  • Use of human or online translators (i.e., Google Translate)
  • Unauthorized editorial help (asking a friend in an upper level course for help, or a native speaker)
  • Unattributed use of an author’s idea (theft of intellectual property)
  • Unattributed use of an author’s words (lack of proper citation)

Sanctions for first-time violations typically result in an “F” or zero for the assignment. Second violations may result in an “F” for the course.

All people are Children of God. Differences add spice and verve. We value all that that entails.Overall  Values: 

  1. Learning a foreign language requires intentional interaction and critical thinking.
  2. Writing enables us to unearth values, beliefs, ideas, and feelings. This in turn allows us to discover ourselves as God reveals to us facets of ourselves which were previously unknown to us.   Writing also allows us to discover God in ways we didn’t know Him beforehand.
  3. Both effective speaking and listening are necessary for interacting with each other.

Growth opportunities:

Not only will we be learning Spanish, we will also be integrating it into our loves of faith.  We will be looking at how Spanish/learning Spanish can assist us in growing closer to the Lord.  Because this is so, you will need to take an active part in all this class entails - which is listed above per the University of Pittsburgh requirements.

What I expect of YOU!

Arrive on time. Be prepared with all materials needed when the bell rings to begin class. Be ready to learn every day.  Follow the class procedures which we will review the first day of class.  Demonstrate respect to me, your peers, and to yourselves.  Adhere to all the requirements detailed in the student handbook. Treat all classroom visitors; this includes a substitute teacher, cordially and with respect.  Participate!

Also:  Jesus is our model for all behavior.  That means I expect honest, caring, and respectful interactions between all people in the class.  I expect that conversations will be treated as if they were being spoken in His presence.  Should we discuss sensitive issues, I expect maturity and sensibleness to be displayed.   The measure for whether something is appropriate will be the following:  Is it true?  Is it necessary?  Is it kind? (If the answers to those three are yes, then the following question should also be answered:  Am I the person who should say it?

What you can expect of ME!

In turn, I will be on time.  I will be prepared, and ready to engage you in our topic every day.  I will treat you, my colleagues, and myself with respect.   I will be demanding on you, but I will walk this journey with you:  Together we will encourage each other.

Also:  I am available to you.  If you have any questions  or concerns, please come see me!  If I am not available at that time, we will schedule a time that works for both of us.


Absences/Tardiness/Late Work:  All assignments are due at the beginning of class on required day unless otherwise noted.  In the case of an absence all assignments and tests must be made up. It will be the students’ responsibility to get the late work and notes.  Handouts can be found in the appropriate classroom folders.

When you miss my class you are responsible for coming to me the day you return to school to receive their missed assignments – whether you are scheduled for class with me that day or not.  You have one day per day you were absent to make the work up and turn it in.  If you are absent on a day homework is due, I expect that work to be turned in on the day you return to school, other wise it will be considered late.  I reserve the discretion to make exceptions.    It is your responsibility to remember to turn in the work.  If you fail to contact me about missed assignments or tests in the allotted time, a zero may result for that assignment.

Care of Classroom:  We will really be utilizing the classroom and its space.  You share responsibility for keeping books, desks, materials, computer equipment, and all classroom items in good condition.  When you leave, the classroom should look as good as, or better than, when you entered that day!

Technology:  We may utilize technology such as our iPads &/or the Google Chromes. Students who misuse technology in the classroom will have their devices taken from them.

PowerSchool:  In PowerSchool you and your parents are able to access your progress. Letter grades are based on the University of Pittsburgh grading system shown above.


I like to make classroom time fun, using a variety of learning styles.  When we step out of our comfort zones, while maintaining mature and responsible behaviors, we can have fun while we grow in the language and our faith.  Remembering the class guidelines, we can explore the Spanish language in non-traditional ways  - ie:  not always reading from the book and writing notes every single class period!  My hope is that we can respectfully learn together, pray together, and grow together in Jesus as you strengthen your ability in the Spanish language.

Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


¡Looking forward to a great year!



CHS Registration timeline:

September 1, 2017 we will begin the registration process together in class for this College In the High School Course.

A check will be due no later than  Monday, September 11, 2017.  (We will discuss the CHS Assistance program at Open House.)  Check should be made out to "University of Pittsburgh."

Profesora Brown will send packets all at the same time - per Pitt Request.  They will cash your checks as they process your student information.  Because they receive literally hundreds of CHS registrations at the same time, it may take a long time for them to cash your check.  Hang tight!