Student Activities

Academic Competitions

…include but are not limited to: National History Day, Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science, PA Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, PA Math League, Pittsburgh Regional Science and Engineering Fair, SJHS Science Fair, and Westinghouse Science Honors Institute.


…are students whose responsibilities include recruitment events and public relations at SJHS.


…gather during lunch time and after school and range from art and languages to science and robotics.


…presents 1-2 stage productions. Participation is open to the entire student body through auditions. Students are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of the production from performing to set design, from costumes to lighting, and from make-up to ushering.

Farm Club

…students connect with local farmers and listen to speakers on earth issues. They also germinate, plant, and raise a variety of heritage seeds and grow a hydroponic garden.

Language Clubs

…are to learn about culture from different native speaking countries by watching videos, listening to music, reading poetry, playing games, eating regional food and for students to share their time and talent with fellow students.

Mock Trial

…is a program sponsored by the PA Bar Association that trains students to compete at the Allegheny County Court House.


…plans events such as food and clothing drives and seek ways to give back to the community.  All students are required to complete 100 hours (25 per year) of service.


…team consists of teams that allow students to build working robots. Students learn building and programming skills, as well as how to participate in competitions.

Student Ministry

…is a representative group of students who meet on a regular basis to give a student voice to concerns and issues, to lead the SJHS community in prayer and liturgy, and to reach out the wider community in service.  This council is dedicated to strengthening the Catholic identity of the school and to building a faith community.  Leaders share information with the student body of upcoming meetings of how to be involved in the various aspects of Student Ministry.


…(Shaping Tomorrow’s Adults for the Future) is a leadership development program which is organized and led by students who have completed the seminar and are members of Executive Board.


…publication is designed by students to serve as a collection of pictures and memories from each school year at SJHS.

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Counselor Corner
View the SJHS School Counselor's page.  Check back often for updates on subjects such as SAT/ACT test dates, etc.  View transcript request information.

Power School
Click here to link to the Power School program.  This program is for teachers to inform students and parents concerning assignments and grades.

Student Handbook
View the SJHS Student Handbook.  View the Diocesan Anti-Bullying Policy.

School Uniforms
SJHS uniforms are provided by Schoolbelles. Details of the student uniform can be found in the SJHS Student Handbook listed above. Visit the Schoolbelles store in person or order via phone at (888) 637-3037. The  SJHS school number is 2209.  Schoolbelles is located at  4721 125-B McKnight Road, Pittsburgh, PA  15237 (412) 630-8480.

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