Earth Day Challenge 2021 Results!

Saint Joseph High School is happy to announce the winners of its inaugural Earth Day Challenge 2021.  Students in grades 6-8 chose from one of the following categories: Artwork, Green Strategy, Photography, Prayer, or Poetry.  Students created a project of what Earth Day means to them. Students in grade 8 were awarded a $500 SJHS scholarship.  Students in grade 6 and 7 were awarded a gift card and an SJHS hoodie.  Projects will be featured on the SJHS website and social media.

Grade 8- Gabriella Palochik – Mary Queen of Apostles
Grade 7- Richard Konopski – Butler Catholic
Grade 6- Isabella Thomas – Mary Queen of Apostles

Green Strategy
Grade 8- Sophia Vanfossen – Butler Catholic
Grade 6- Mary Huth – Mary Queen of Apostles

Art Project
Grade 8- Arella Mackalica – Butler Catholic
Grade 6- Emma Rodriguez – Mary Queen of Apostles

Grade 8 – Peter Stickney – Holy Sepulcher
Grade 7 – Ava Roxberry – Butler Catholic
Grade 6 – Jovi Cagnacci – Mary Queen of Apostles

Grade 8 – Leah Troiano – Mary Queen of Apostles
Grade 6 – Louisa Palumbo – Mary Queen of Apostles

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