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Widenhofer, David Foundations of the Republic, Emergence of Mass Democracy, American Government and Politics resize

Mr. Widenhofer

Mr. Widenhofer has been working in education since 1992. He has attended Thiel College, Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, The University of Alabama, Framingham State College, and Seattle Pacific University. His first experience in education was acquired while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Lesotho, Southern Africa. He has also worked as an educator in Ecuador, Ukraine, and the United States. While working on his M. A. in History, Mr. Widenhofer was able to get his thesis published as a book. He has served as a reader for the AP US History exam for the last four years and is currently working on a second Master’s degree in American History and Government at Ashland University. Outside of education, he has worked in the fields of manufacturing and mining. In addition to these experiences, Mr. Widenhofer has served proudly as a member of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. He is very pleased to be a part of the Saint Joseph High School community and for the opportunity to share the Roman Catholic faith with the students, teachers, parents, and staff.