Freshman Orientation Class

Freshmen Orientation is a class that meets once a week.  Students work with me on lessons, activities, discussions, and more to enhance their academics, consider potential colleges and careers, and to learn about personal, social, and emotional wellbeing.  Academic topics include, but are not limited to, learning styles, study skills, organization, and review of graduation requirements.  College and career topics include, but are not limited to, resume building, interviews, applications, career personality and interest inventories, and budgeting.  Lastly, personal, social, and emotional wellbeing includes the study and exploration of self-care, stress management, building and maintaining healthy relationships, and more.  I welcome ideas from the students, and I am open to tailoring the class to best meet the needs of the students.  For some topics, we use I-pads, and sometimes we write down ideas. I-pads, writing utensils, and paper that students would use in any other class is all that is needed.  A small 3-ring binder or folder may be useful, but not required.