College in High School Transcripts

It is your responsibility to contact all of the colleges from which you have earned college credit.  Listed below are links that take you directly to the pages for requesting those transcripts.  ALL courses from one college are on the transcript, so you only need to send one copy to the school you are attending in the fall. It is recommended that you wait until the end of June to request any transcripts containing senior year courses to ensure the grades have been submitted and posted.

Carlow University                   Transcript Request

Duquesne University              Transcript Request

General Chemistry I Lecture and Lab
Course number CHEM-121 and CHEM-121L – 5 credits

La Roche College                     Transcript Request

Saint Vincent College             Transcript Request

Seton Hill University              Transcript Request

University of Pittsburgh        Transcript Request

Attached is a copy of the courses by college and by name, and also the course number at the university.  I do not have record of the courses you have paid for and taken for credit.

SJHS College in High School Handout