The information below is the First Day Packet.  All First Day Packet forms are required to be completed for students to attend SJHS.  All forms must be returned to SJHS the week of August 26th.

Link to DocumentDocument Description
Memorandum LetterLetter from the Principal welcoming each family to SJHS.
Memorandum Letter of UnderstandingDetails the understanding that parents are accepting the mission and Catholic identity of sending a student to a Catholic High School in Pittsburgh Diocese.
Home Language SurveyThe Civil Rights Law of 1964, Title VI, requires schools to identity Limited English Proficient Students.
Family SurveyThis information is gathered to qualify for Federal funding for materials and services for students.
HandbookThe handbook contains information like student uniform policy, daily schedule, and all rules applicable to students.
Medication IndemnificationIt is required that a student's physician fills out this form for all medications (prescription and over-the-counter) to be given during school hours.
Medication ProcedureWhen prescription medication must be administered during school hours in an emergency situation, a written procedure for student self-administration and storage of medication is required.
Consent for Medical TreatmentIn case of accident or illness a consent for medical treatment is required on file.
Parent PromiseThe Parent Promise is a pledge to set age-appropriate family guidelines for students.
Publicity ReleasePermission is required from parents and students to use photographs, recordings, etc. to assist in marketing efforts.
Student Emergency InformationOne form per student is required for emergency contact information.
VolunteerSJHS requires assistance from all families for various activities, fundraisers and events throughout the school year.
Student / Parent Technology PledgeStudents and parents must agree to the technology rules of conduct and iPad rules.
Computer, Telecommunication and Network PoliciesSign off on the stated policies in the SJHS student handbook on the Technology use policy.